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Specific domain Language for Experience Global Orchestration


The transmission of knowledge and know-how (here called experience) is one of the main engines of development in all dimensions: social, economic, technological, scientific, etc. The description of an experiment requires the representation of the sequence of phases specific to the application domain as well as data which are either personal or professional information of the person who has this experience or the information related to the experience itself. In many sectors, such as health, economy and security, this mix becomes an obstacle for all those who want to share their experiences but also to protect the data of their personal and / or professional life.

SLEGO wants to overcome this obstacle by providing supports allowing each one to describe and transmit his experiments with a clear separation between the elements of the experiment and the data that it manipulates or which are associated with it. Once modeled the experiment, SLEGO will play this experiment either in simulation mode in the development environment and / or play in real time this experiment and realize a real-time tracking of its execution.



UCA-UNS: Marie-Agnès PERALDI-FRATI (ASS. PR), Jean-Louis SALVAT (PRAG)                                
UD: VO Trung Hung (Ass Prof - UD)

Teachers / Researchers / Doctoral:
UCA-UNS: Marie-Agnès PERALDI-FRATI (ASS. PR), Nhan LE THANH (PR), PHAM Tuan Anh (PhD student)
UD: NGUYEN Thi Hoa Hue (PhD KVFITC), Hoang Thi Thanh Hà (DUE-IT), Nguyen Thanh Tuan (DCE-IT), Do Phu Huy (DCT), Nguyen Ngoc Huyên Trân

Internship students:
EM project: Lucas Kacen (DUT Informatique), Sébastien SAEZ (DUT Informatique), Alexi CUELLAR (DUT Electronique), Anicet GORGERIN (DUT Electronique)

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