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One of the main tasks of the DNIIT Institute is to strengthen academic exchanges between teachers, researchers and students and to develop interdisciplinary projects of practical value to the economy and society by supporting on the university research cooperation between the vietnamise institutions and  other universities in the world. In particular, we want to promote the cooperation in the field of territorial management and to establish an innovative ecosystem in academic training and research to build intelligent services, based on the application of new technologies, such as: embedded systems , internet of things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, ... The collaboration with French universities in general and the University Côte d'Azur (UCA) in particular, through joint activities in DNIIT, will be an important contribution to Danang University.
The DNIIT Institute is a pioneer of the project-based interdisciplinary research model with an open "wallless" structure allowing the participation of all national and international organizations / individuals. To develop this model, an international research group TRT (Teaching and Research Team) E-HEALTH was established by Decree No. 6781 / QD-DHDN of 24 December 2015 of the President of Danang University, including vietnamese and international researchers that participated in the activities of the DNIIT Institute. This group was renamed TRT IOTIA in February 2017. Currently, the list of members includes 122 researchers, of which 88 belong to the DU, 29 to the UCA and 5 to other organizations.