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Seamless Ubiquitous Services for Healthcare Application


SUSHA is a group of applied research projects developed around an experimental platform allowing software services offered by connected objects spread over several sites to be dynamically composed. Ambient computing researchers within the SPARKS team of the I3S laboratory of the University Côte d’Azur, UMR 7271, have been working on this subject for over 10 years. Their continuous work has resulted and still results in the increment of the platform in the process of being transferred to the industry and already deployed on numerous sites.

As part of the SUSHA project, current research work is devoted to the field of eHealth and more particularly on two areas of innovation:

  • Home assisted living improvement for people with loss of autonomy thanks to connected objects available in their surroundings (A),

  • Early management of patients between their place of residence or accident site to the care facility with improvement of the medical monitoring thanks to connected objects (B).

The SUSHA project is being developed from the two following milestones:

  • The deployment of the experimental platform in the city of Da Nang (Vietnam) in cooperation with manufacturers providing connected objects (1)

  • The performance benchmarking test of the software interactions of services located in Da Nang and Nice (France) sites, through the platform and over an ADSL network (2)

The development of the subsequent research work is made in the form of sub-projects in collaboration with our Vietnamese counterparts based on the experimental platform and the applicative domains that have been identified.



Jean-Yves Tigli (ASS. PR.) & Stéphane Lavirotte (ASS. PR.)


UCA-UNS: Jean-Yves Tigli (ASS. PR)

UD: Pham Van Tuan (ASS. PR, DUT)

Teachers / Researchers / Doctoral:

UCA-UNS: Gaëtan Rey (ASS. PR.)

UCA-UNS: Nhan Le Thanh (PR.)

UCA-UNS- Polytech’Nice Sophia: Marc Gaetano (ASS. PR.)

UD: Do The Can (Ph.D. UNS UCA

Internship students:

Susha (1): César Collé (student, Polytech’Nice Sophia UNS UCA)

Susha (1): Raybaud Vincent (student, Polytech’Nice Sophia UNS UCA)

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