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Vietnam is located in the region of the south-East Asia monsoon. Most of the population work in agriculture and inhabitants essentially concentrate at the coastal plain, Vietnam is one of the countries most heavily affected by the consequences of climate change. According to the assessment of Vietnam government, in late 21st century, Vietnam's yearly mean temperature will increase 2-3°C, the total yearly and seasonal rainfall will increase while the rainfall in dry seasons will decrease, the sea level could rise around 0.75 to 1m compared to the 1980-1999 period.

About 10-12% of Vietnam's population are directly impacted and the country’s economy could lose around 10% of GDP. On the context, the natural disasters in Vu Gia Thu Bon catchment, which is one of the biggest river systems of Vietnam central region, is expected to occur more complicatedly and seriously. Consequently, it will affect deeply on the regional economic development, make a big change in livelihood, and increase the sickness and poverty. These challenges urge authority in Vu Gia Thu Bon catchment to have a plan and suitable policies which help to improve public awareness, as well as capacity to respond to consequence natural disaster and climate change.

In order to provide a complete insight for communities and local authority to establish better strategy for mitigating the impact of disaster in the future, the SWAT project concentrates to:

1.    Develop a methodology which is appropriate with regional condition to simulate efficiently hydrological process, as well as potential variation in future.

2.    Determine the potential risks related to flow change, especially concentrate on flood and drought disasters, sediment transport and erosion which are hot topic at the moment.

3.    Build an optimal approach for operating multiple dam system, water resource management.

4.    Study to establish an early flood warning system, firstly for downstream area then for whole catchment.

5.    Proposer a suitable strategy to improve both of public awareness and its capacity in flood risk management, also water resource exploitation.



Pr. Philippe Gourbesville



UD: VO Hong Duong (PhD)

Teachers / Researchers / Doctoral:

UCA-UNS: Morgan Abily (Ass. PR), Pr. Philippe Gourbesville, Pr. Philippe Audra, Olivier Delestre (Ass. Pr)

UD: Dr. Nguyen Chi Công (DUT – Water), Pr. Nguyen The Hung (DUT - Water), Dr. Nguyen Van Huong (DUT - Water)

Internship students:

Nguyen Thanh Hao (PhD student), Qiang Ma (PhD student), Mingxuan Du (PhD student), Elodie

Zawattero (PhD student), Leslie Salvan (PhD student)

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